Thursday, 06/30/1994 Classic Amphitheater, Richmond, VA

Thursday, 06/30/1994

Classic Amphitheater, Richmond, VA

Monday mornings are the worst. I am working, but I cannot focus. I leave Wednesday for my first three shows of the summer at SPAC. I cannot focus. I can’t even focus on Phish, much less work. FAAACK!!

Set 1 slid by me as I caught up on emails and started my day. Luckily, the usual barrage of Monday calls has been canceled as many took the entire week off for vacation. I could not afford the days off, otherwise I’d be headed to Great Woods tomorrow before SPAC. Man, I cannot even focus on writing this stuff… stream of consciousness only works if one is conscious of what one is doing. I am not.

Back on track… Set 1 slid by me much like that last paragraph. The Gumbo was a welcome treat that had me getting down at the desk. The Melt was… hard to describe. I mean, it was great. It was intense. But what did I hear, exactly? The rest of set really didn’t grab me. I’m too tired.

Set 2 opens with Wilson, of course. Gone are the Wilson chants in favor of syncopated clapping from the crowd. Nice! Maze is a scorcher, as they all have been lately. Then YEM drops right there at spot #3 in the set!! And they’re off!

Nobody could expect a Jewish chant in the early quiet section of YEM… Nobody… but it’s perfect here. Perfect, I say. Later in this YEM  we get one of the craziest “Mike” segments I’ve ever heard… and, of course, the bone-chilling “REDRUM” screams.

After a little interlude from Sparkle and Axilla we’re right back into the insanity with a great Harpua. Kudos to Sean Hoppe as the “karaoke segment” of the Harpua could very well have been a train wreck. Turns out, this is Poster Nutbag “the right way.” I love a good Harpua! I also love a crazy Antelope. This one qualifies.

And you can tell the band is having a great night when the Fish segment gets loose and not just perfunctory. This one is fun as shit. Dig it.

Finally… and at the risk of repeating myself… there is no better encore tune than Sleeping Monkey. That is my opinion, but I’m sticking to it.

Oh man!! I am beyond ready for Terr to kick off this week!!! YES!!!! See everyone at SPAC!

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Thursday, 06/30/1994

Classic Amphitheater, Richmond, VA

Soundcheck: Dog Log -> Jam

Set 1: Down with Disease > Gumbo > Rift, Guelah Papyrus, Split Open and Melt, Glide > Scent of a Mule, Bouncing Around the Room, Frankenstein

Set 2: Wilson -> Maze, You Enjoy Myself -> Yerushalayim Shel Zahav -> You Enjoy Myself, Sparkle > Axilla (Part II), Harpua -> Kung -> Harpua > Honky Tonk Women > Harpua, Run Like an Antelope, Hold Your Head Up > Love You > Hold Your Head Up, Chalk Dust Torture

Encore: Sleeping Monkey > Poor Heart

Notes: Sean Hoppe, an audience member, was invited on stage during Harpua to sing Honky Tonk Women as Jimmy. The Antelope intro and HYHU subsequently included Harpua teases. Split Open and Melt included a vocal jam. Love You contained band intros and an unusually long vacuum solo. Both the YEM vocal jam and Sparkle had “Redrum” screeches from Trey, referencing the movie The Shining. Trey also used his megaphone during YEM.

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Key tracks:


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