Friday, 06/17/1994 Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI

Friday, 06/17/1994

Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI


Today we boarded a tour bus and headed out to Masada and the Dead Sea. Touristy, no doubt, but special in so many ways. The bus was filled with folks who had flown in for the wedding, including the two grooms.

Masada is an interesting place. You can google it and read all about the history. Again, this ain’t no travel blog. That said, check out this amphitheater at the base of the mountain! There was a poster advertising a sunrise opera concert there! Holy shit. This place would be so insane for a Phish show!





Anyway, we spent a few hours on the bus, so I listened to the OJ show in between friendly conversations with friends. I didn’t take notes, but I know this show pretty well already. I love these early Simples. Seriously! By fall, Simple is polished and presentable. The first few are just craziness. This one has an “OJ” verse, too! “RUN, OJ!!” Then there are the Simple jams in Hydrogen and Harpua. Sofa king great!!

Speaking of Harpua, this one’s a classic! Great narration with lots of band interplay on the build up to “POSTER NUTBAG” and to the fight. Just a classic Harpua through and through.

Really, if you haven’t heard this show, you should… at least the second set. It’s a keeper!

Thanks for reading.


Friday, 06/17/1994

Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI

Soundcheck: The Wedge, Funky Bitch

Set 1: Runaway Jim, Foam, Glide, Split Open and Melt, If I Could, Punch You In the Eye > Bathtub Gin, Scent of a Mule, Cavern

Set 2: Also Sprach Zarathustra > Sample in a Jar, Poor Heart > Mike’s Song -> Simple -> Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Harpua -> Kung -> Harpua, Sparkle > Big Ball Jam > Julius > Frankenstein

Encore: Sleeping Monkey > Rocky Top

Notes: This is the infamous “O.J. Show,” played on the night of O.J. Simpson’s Bronco chase. 2001, Mike’s, Jim, Simple, and Poor Heart all included references to O.J. Mike’s Song also included a Mission: Impossible theme tease and Hydrogen included Simple quotes. Weekapaug contained a Nellie Kane tease from Mike. Harpua included a Simple quote and Voodoo Child tease.

Setlist courtesy of


Key tracks: (keep listening through Harpua for the highlight reel).


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