Thursday, 07/14/1994 Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center, Canandaigua, NY

Thursday, 07/14/1994
Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center, Canandaigua, NY

Monday morning after an epic throwdown in New York!! I tweeted the following at 8:30 Sunday morning:


I could not have been more right in my prediction for a great show. Wow. Kudos to all who made it to Randall’s last night. So happy for all of you! Can’t wait for Chicago!

Back to the task at hand. This FLPAC show happened 20 years and one day before what could be another epic throwdown by the boys. The only time I’ve ever been to this place was in 95… if you don’t know the Fleezer, you should!!

This one starts pretty normal, but don’t let that fool you. The Stash is fantastic even as it fades into a mellow jam that melts right into TMWSIY. You should hear this one! The whole set is tight and solid as hell, if not too crazy. Much like the Melt the night before, this intense ‘lope leaves ‘em wanting more!

Set 2 opens with 2001… but instead of huge follow-up like the Melt at Great Woods, they drop into Sample. Boo. Maze saves the day, though, as it’s a barn-burner. If I Could hits a peak you won’t expect. It’s really good!

But we’re here for the YEM, right? Yes. The meat and potatoes! First, I’ve gotta comment on Page’s funky little clav breakdown… sounds like 1997 up in here!! That clav is still pretty new to the Phish stage at this point. Page already has the hang of it, though. Love it! Follow it up with a bluesy start to Trey’s solo before it locks into a pattern that whole band is in on. Great stuff. Mike is slap happy throughout Trey’s solo and on into the bass and drums section. Funktastic. Great stuff all around!

Cap the whole thing off with another gorgeous Hood. My lord! I really cannot wait for fall tour. 1994 and Harry Hood go together like Apple and Pie!!! And I’m a sucker for Highway to Hell. Great set of music here! Overshadowed by Big Birch? Perhaps. But still really great.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 07/14/1994
Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center, Canandaigua, NY

Set 1: Runaway Jim, Bouncing Around the Room, Punch You In the Eye > Stash -> The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday > Avenu Malkenu > The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday, Scent of a Mule, Fluffhead > The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Run Like an Antelope

Set 2: Also Sprach Zarathustra > Sample in a Jar, Maze, If I Could, Uncle Pen, You Enjoy Myself > Sparkle > Big Ball Jam > Harry Hood, Highway to Hell

Encore: Chalk Dust Torture

Notes: Stash was unfinished.
Setlist courtesy of

Key tracks:

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