Friday, 04/29/1994 Boatyard Village Pavilion, Clearwater, FL

Friday, 04/29/1994
Boatyard Village Pavilion, Clearwater, FL

They really dive into this show from the very start, eh? Halley’s was a treat back then and YEM is HUGE in that second spot! And this is no normal YEM. There is a little strange vocal segment in the jam, but they never go into the bass and drums segment, much less the vocal jam. Instead, Trey leads a nice segue into Fast Enough for You. You should hear this YEM, if you haven’t. It’s short but interesting.
The rest of set one looks like a lot of songs… and it is, but there is no low point. It’s all fantastic. The Melt breaks down into a chorus of “YeeHaw!” at one point. It’s nuts! Plus any set with both Sloth and Sanity is a winner in my book.
The second set is chock full of highlights, too. Another beautiful If I Could and Reba… and a Mike’s Groove worth checking out, for sure. The Mike’s actually reminds me a bit of the huge 12/30/93 Mike’s. It’s not quite so perfect, but it’s very interesting, to say the least. The ‘paug is also a keeper. Follow that all up with a great I Wanna Be Like You (including a nice little piano solo from Page) and this whole show is really great.
Am I fluffing? I don’t know. I got into this thing because I love 1994 Phish, so I’m not surprised I like these shows. If this show is “average” for the Spring 94 tour and I sing it’s praises left and right, does that make me wrong? YMMV, as they say. I’m loving these shows!
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Friday, 04/29/1994
Boatyard Village Pavilion, Clearwater, FL

Set 1: Halley’s Comet, You Enjoy Myself > Fast Enough for You > Scent of a Mule, The Sloth, Divided Sky, I Didn’t Know, Dog Faced Boy, Split Open and Melt > Sanity > My Mind’s Got a Mind of its Own > Llama

Set 2: Suzy Greenberg > Maze, If I Could, Reba, Fee > Uncle Pen, Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, I Wanna Be Like You > Hold Your Head Up, Cavern

Encore: Fire

Notes: There was no vocal jam in YEM, as the song melted into FEFY. I Didn’t Know featured Fishman on Madonna washboard. Split Open included teases of Ice Ice Baby and was unfinished. Sanity was played for the first time since May 17, 1992 (200 shows). Reba contained a Simpsons signal. Trey sang the verses of Fee through a megaphone.

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One thought on “Friday, 04/29/1994 Boatyard Village Pavilion, Clearwater, FL

  1. dmc76 says:

    Best show of 1994 at this point so far.

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