Friday, 06/24/1994 Murat Theatre, Indianapolis, IN

Friday, 06/24/1994

Murat Theatre, Indianapolis, IN

The Murat calls to mind something in the Phish world, right? Is it the Run Like a Diseased Antelope? Of course, it’s not. The Murat Gin is a thing of legend. But had the Murat Gin not happened, this show could be the Murat show we all talk about. It’s that good!

I’ve been working my ass off today, so I have very little time to write. I DID listen, though. This is just a great show through and through. The Divided Sky opener is tight as hell. The Reba kinda blew me away again (I’ve heard it a bunch before, but it blew me away again today).

Then there’s the second set. The ‘lope simply must be heard. It’s out there! The Simple is odd because, for the first time ever, it’s not born out of a Mike’s jam. It just sort of appears out of the tail end of McGrupp. Any show with Sanity is a keeper. And the acoustic segment, though hard to hear on tape, is just plain stellar! I mean, Cavern acoustic? That’s the stuff!!

Another great summer 94 show! Yes, indeed.

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Friday, 06/24/1994

Murat Theatre, Indianapolis, IN

Set 1: Divided Sky, Wilson, It’s Ice > Fee > All Things Reconsidered, The Sloth > Paul and Silas > Horn > Reba, Sweet Adeline, Sample in a Jar

Set 2: Demand > Run Like an Antelope, Halley’s Comet > The Curtain > McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters > Simple -> Sanity > Llama, Dog Faced Boy, Poor Heart, Cavern, Carolina, Down with Disease

Encore: Rocky Top

Notes: Wilson included a Simpsons signal. Trey sang the verses of Fee through a megaphone. Reba did not have the whistling ending. Sweet Adeline and Carolina were performed without microphones. Dog Faced Boy through Cavern, which contained the older, alternate lyrics, were performed acoustic without microphones. This hot Antelope included a Disease-style jam segment.

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Key tracks:


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