Sunday, 06/19/1994 State Theater, Kalamazoo, MI

Sunday, 06/19/1994

State Theater, Kalamazoo, MI

Tonight is the wedding. We have most of the day to relax and enjoy Tel Aviv (read: eat, drink, swim in the Mediterranean). This show actually received some attention from me! I loved it, too. Holy Stash, Batman!!! I mean, the “WOO’s” are a bit annoying, but the Stash is so good.

Faht to open Set 2 is odd, but hilarious! I saw one Faht back in the day at my second show. It was just plain funny. I loved it.

Antelope here is as intense as Antelopes come. I’ve been talking a lot about Stash as we lead up to the Great Woods Stash that is my favorite. I haven’t really spent much time dissecting Antelopes. Some of that is because I wasn’t really a big fan of Antelope back in 1994. I have always loved the studio version from Lawn Boy. To me, the studio Antelope is as close to Zappa’s Gumbo Variations as Phish was ever able to get. But live I felt like Antelopes often built to this place where you couldn’t really follow each member’s playing at all… it became cacophonous noise to me. This one is a perfect example. Only now I kinda love it. I don’t know what changed, but I dig these crazy ‘lopes these days!

I should mention this Reba, too. Wow!! It peaks and peaks. Late Set 2 Rebas are the greatest. The Makisupa that follows is great, too. The rest of the set is fun as hell. Great show all around.

Now off to the wedding. Can’t wait!! Thanks for reading.

Sunday, 06/19/1994

State Theater, Kalamazoo, MI

Soundcheck: Gumbo, Reggae Jam

Set 1: Suzy Greenberg, Julius, The Lizards, Axilla (Part II) > The Curtain > Fast Enough for You, Scent of a Mule, Stash, Golgi Apparatus

Set 2: Faht, Run Like an Antelope, If I Could, Reba > Makisupa Policeman, The Squirming Coil, My Sweet One, Highway to Hell

Encore: Free Bird

Notes: Suzy contained a tease of How Many More Times. Faht featured Fishman on acoustic guitar. My Sweet One was performed acoustic and without amplification.

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Key tracks:


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