Sunday, 06/01/2014 Spring/Summer Tour Break

Sunday, 06/01/2014

Spring/Summer Tour Break


So, Phish took about 10 days off to separate Spring Tour from Summer Tour. I’m enjoying the time away from listening to and writing about Phish. I’m getting to know my vinyl again. I watched the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. I’ve been digging some old school funk and soul like I used to. I’ve listened to a few episodes of WTF with Marc Maron. I’ve managed to spend some much-needed time with the wife. All in all, it’s been a great break.

Why, then, am I posting today? Well, two reasons. One, I have a musical treat I’d like to share with y’all. Two, I feel like it’s a good time to check in with my readers and see what I could be doing better, what they like, what I should add or delete, whatever. I’d love some feedback, in other words.

First things first… My buddy KHalpin put together this mix of It’s Ice breakdowns from Spring Tour 1994. I’ve gotta say, the one thing that stands out from this tour is Ice. Every version is different and fun. I think I said at one point that while I wouldn’t call It’s Ice “the song of the tour” I would definitely call this tour the best time for It’s Ice. In other words, there are other tunes that provided greater highlights along the way, but every It’s Ice was a highlight from that show. They all need to be heard for what they are. And here’s your chance. It’s all the Ice highlights from the tour in one place! If you follow the link to soundcloud, you should be able to download the mix, as well. Enjoy!!

Oh, and here’s what you’re hearing:

Mix by KHalpin.

00:00 – 04:15 – 4/04 Flynn Theater, Burlington, VT
04:15 – 12:21 – 4/08 Recreation Hall @ Penn State, University Park, PA
12:21 – 14:58 – 4/10 Alumni Arena @ SUNY Buffalo, Amherst, NY
14:58 – 18:00 – 4/15 Beacon Theater, New York, NY
18:00 – 20:26 – 4/20 Virginia Horse Centre, Lexington, VA
20:26 – 22:48 – 4/24 Grady Cole Center, Charlotte, NC
22:48 – 25:02 – 4/28 Sunfest, West Palm Beach, FL
25:02 – 27:14 – 5/02 Five Points South Music Hall, Birmingham, AL
27:14 – 30:37 – 5/04 State Palace Theater, New Orleans, LA
30:37 – 33:30 – 5/08 The Backyard Bee Cave, Austin, TX
33:30 – 35:52 – 5/10 Paolo Soleri Amphitheater, Santa Fe, NM
35:52 – 39:38 – 5/13 Hayden Square, Tempe, AZ
39:38 – 42:37 – 5/16 Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles, CA
42:37 – 46:12 – 5/20 Evergreen St. College Recreation Center, Olympia, WA
46:12 – 48:58 – 5/22 The Vogue Theater, Vancouver, BC
48:58 – 51:34 – 5/26 Warfield Theater, San Fransisco, CA
51:34 – 57:04 – 5/28 Laguna Seca Raceway, Monterey, CA


Which brings us to the second reason for this post. I really would love to hear from my readers. I feel like most of my posts are pretty much just stream of consciousness ramblings. I’ve read blogs that are pure rambling and I’m not a huge fan of that style, so, I hope that’s not how mine comes across. It’s hard to say, though. I know what styles of writing I like and what styles I do not. However, I have no way of assessing my own style. I’m too close to it.

I am not a trained writer, as you can probably tell. I have no dreams of a future in journalism or anything like that. What I have is a desire to add to the daily Phish conversation. I’d like to think I’m doing that here, but I have no idea how successful I’ve been.

So, here is my request: Let me know what you think!! Reach out to me via Twitter (@20YrsLaterBlog) or Facebook (20YearsLaterBlog) or simply comment at the bottom of this post. If you want to reach me privately, you can do so via the Facebook page above.

Thank you for the input… and though I am asking for it, I reserve the right to delete any comments that are offensive or not particularly constructive. Remember, I’m not a writer, I’m just a Phish head, like you!

As always, thank you for reading! I’ll be back in just over a week when Summer Tour kicks off!

2 thoughts on “Sunday, 06/01/2014 Spring/Summer Tour Break

  1. kellerb says:

    Hey you should note the versions of songs that will be used on “A Live One” and maybe comment on the versions building up to them and what-have-you. You’ve touched on it a couple times. Compare and contrast.

    • PIE-GUY says:

      The earliest track on A Live One is the Stash. The rest, I think, are from the fall. I will certainly note them as I get to them.

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