Sunday, 05/22/1994 Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Sunday, 05/22/1994

Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

First and foremost – Happy Birthday Sun Ra!!! 100 years ago Saturn gave us it’s greatest export!! Second, I should say, it’s great to be back home! Third, I wish I had this soundcheck! Machine Gun??? Hell yeah!

Show opens brilliantly, imo. Demand>Sloth! Rock and/or Roll!! Then Divided Sky?? Yes.

Remember when Trey just took his time in that one section of Divided Sky? Before the “pause” became a thing he just really took his time. I miss those days!!! I really do.

Then there’s the Glide pause. This one is crazy long and finishes with a joke. See, when they do it once like that it’s funny. The predictable pause in Divided at this point is too much (though I was definitely adding to the screams at Hampton in 2009).

Here’s another great Melt for your enjoyment! Wow. It gets out there fast, but only for so long. Great, though! Followed by a solid Fluff and another acoustic mini-set. This one I can hear a lot better than the last. Great banter before Dog Faced Boy, too. Love it.

The second set opens with an interesting DwD. Trey steps back for a bit and lets the others shine before returning to his typical soloing. Pretty cool considering how similar they’ve been the last couple of weeks.

The Ice features another really cool breakdown segment. While it’s led by Page as usual, it’s Mike that really makes this one interesting with his octave effect. Dig it!

Then the McGrupp is really beautiful. During Page’s solo, the band starts to build but ducks back down for another round of quiet Page-time. Wow. A really nice moment for Page here!!

When they drop into Tweezer I can’t get over how out-front Mike’s bass sounds. Slappin’ away during the verses he just sounds great. What a great Tweezer, too. I know I’m fluffing like crazy tonight, but I mean it. Maybe it’s just because I’m happy to be home, but I’m loving this show!

The Slave is beautiful, too. They drop it down as quiet as I’ve ever heard a Slave. It’s amazing they build it as fast as they do. It never seems rushed at all, but it clocks in under 10 minutes.

Finally, I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times. I love Sleeping Monkey!!

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Sunday, 05/22/1994

Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Soundcheck: Dog Log -> Machine Gun -> Dog Log, Bluegrass Tune, Poor Heart, My Sweet One (unmiced)

Set 1: Demand > The Sloth, Divided Sky, Glide, Peaches en Regalia > Split Open and Melt, Fluffhead, My Sweet One, Ginseng Sullivan, Dog Faced Boy, Axilla (Part II)

Set 2: Down with Disease > Bouncing Around the Room, It’s Ice > McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters > Tweezer > Lifeboy > Rift > Slave to the Traffic Light > Tweezer Reprise

Encore: Sleeping Monkey

Notes: Glide was humorously introduced by Trey as “Whoomp! There it Is,” referencing a then-popular dance club song by Tag Team. My Sweet One, Ginseng Sullivan, and Dog Faced Boy were performed acoustic and without microphones. Ginseng also featured Fishman on washboard.

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Key tracks:


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