Thursday, 05/12/1994 Buena Vista Theater, Tucson, AZ

Thursday, 05/12/1994

Buena Vista Theater, Tucson, AZ


It’s Monday – that means calls. Calls. More calls. I’m busy! Listening is happening a song or two at a time if I’m lucky. That said…

Catapult opener? Mike sings a capella. Was the rest of the band slow to get to their places so Mike decided to fill the time? Anyone know the story behind this? Only know Catapult opener per Things that make you go “Hmmmm.”

After that, the first set is fairly standard. Rockin’ DwD. I like how Foam emerges from the Axilla instead of it’s usual spot after RunJim. Then, during Foam, Trey holds one note for a readicculusly long time. The band builds and builds behind him, but he just holds strong. That’s the kind of thing that sucks you in, even when you’re multitasking. It requires your attention. It can’t be ignored.

The rest of this show has sort of flown by without much notice, to be honest. Not that it’s bad, but it certainly doesn’t ooze energy like the Paolo Soleri show two nights earlier. Take a look at this picture of the venue. Hard to imagine this wouldn’t inspire the band like the Paolo Soleri…


There are some fun moments, though. I always love hearing Lizards. The 2001 is all intro. The Antelope is short but sweet. The quick little transition from Fluff to Lifeboy is pretty cool. The Bring It On Home teases are fun. The Contact>BBFCFM is a throw-back to encores of years past.

So, it wasn’t a bad show, I’m sure. Unfortunately, it didn’t get my full undivided attention. It’s Monday and I’m way too busy for Phish today. Sorry! At least I listened. It happened.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 05/12/1994

Buena Vista Theater, Tucson, AZ

Set 1: Catapult, Rift, Down with Disease > Fee > Maze, Axilla (Part II) > Foam, Bathtub Gin -> The Lizards, Sample in a Jar

Set 2: Also Sprach Zarathustra > Run Like an Antelope > The Horse > Silent in the Morning > Uncle Pen, Fluffhead > Lifeboy, Possum, Hold Your Head Up > Love You > Hold Your Head Up, Contact > Big Black Furry Creature from Mars

Encore: Amazing Grace, Rocky Top

Notes: Catapult was played for the first time since February 10, 1993 (133 shows). Trey sang some of the verses of Fee through a megaphone. Fluffhead and Possum contained Bring It On Home teases.

Setlist courtesy of


Key tracks:


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