Wednesday, 04/20/1994 Virginia Horse Center, Lexington, VA

Wednesday, 04/20/1994
Virginia Horse Center, Lexington, VA

RunJim opener again? Of course! I must admit, I’ve been spending this weekend with some very good friends in town with their kids. So, this has been background music while I cook and eat breakfast for/with everybody at the house.
That said, a few things definitely caught my ear. If you’ve been reading these updates, you know I’m going to mention the Julius. Rockin’ version, for sure. Not too different from the previous Julius. Perhaps they have settled into a “way” to play it by this point in the tour.
Stash also stood out here. I have really loved every Stash I’ve heard so far in this project. Each is truly a little different from the last. I’ll say this right now – the Stash from “A Live One” is my favorite of all time. I’m starting to get really into hearing ALL the 1994 Stashes leading up to that gem. I imagine I may have a new favorite by the end of the year. 94 was the peak year for Stash, imo.
Second set has flown by… but something caught my ear here. Any musicians out there know what type of filter/pedal/effect or whatever Mike is using during this Hood? His sound is drastically different during Hood than it is the rest of the show. It’s a sound he uses heavily during the Bomb Factory Tweezer. I have noticed that same sound in the last year or two during certain jams, too. I love it. Would love to know what it is. Thanks!
Not going to go into the YEM in great detail other than to say it would have been fun as hell to see. DMB gets a bad wrap in the Phish world, but in 1994 they weren’t yet household names. They hadn’t broken on MTV. They were just a touring band making waves all around the Southeast. They were actually a really good fit for Phish back then. The collaborations are fun… there will be more as the year progresses. I may write a bit more about them later.
That’s it for today. I was a fun show to cook by.
Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 04/20/1994
Virginia Horse Center, Lexington, VA
Set 1: Runaway Jim, It’s Ice > Julius, Bouncing Around the Room, Rift, Axilla (Part II) > Stash, Suzy Greenberg

Set 2: Poor Heart > Run Like an Antelope, Magilla, Paul and Silas > Sample in a Jar, Big Ball Jam > Harry Hood, Fee, You Enjoy Myself -> Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Encore: Highway to Hell

Notes: Trey sang some of the verses of Fee through a megaphone. Somewhere Over the Rainbow was played for the first time since August 17, 1992 (159 shows). YEM and Rainbow featured Dave Matthews, LeRoi Moore, Boyd Tinsley, Carter Beauford, and Steffan Lessard from Dave Matthews Band. YEM also featured Fishman on vacuum. Matthews was Trey’s substitute trampoline jumper during YEM. The opening act was Dave Matthews Band.
Setlist courtesy of

Key tracks:

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