Sunday, 04/10/1994 Alumni Arena, SUNY Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

Sunday, 04/10/1994

Alumni Arena, SUNY Buffalo, Buffalo, NY


SUNY Tour continues. Binghamton last night, Buffalo tonight. Good stuff. Like Trey says, this is Phish country!

The show notes point out that this was the night Trey hurt his ankle during soundcheck. I’m trying to picture Trey playing and singing while seated on a stool all night. I can see it during Esther. It’s decidedly harder to picture during Chalkdust! Explains why he didn’t scoot over to the drums for Fish’s vacuum solo during I Didn’t Know. Honestly, I don’t even know why I notice these little things. I listen to too much Phish.

“Typical first set?” Perhaps. But a fiery Melt, a rockin’ Chalkdust, and very high-energy DwD. Set 1 is a lot of fun no matter how you cut it.

Fun little start to this second set, too. Then, I cannot for life of me picture Trey sitting down during this insane Antelope. Had to be a strange image for those in attendance.

The rest of the 2nd set is pretty uneventful, though Ginseng Sullivan does have a really cool little breakdown to show off Fish’s Madonna washboard, the I Wanna Be Like You actually kinda jams, and the Hood has an insane peak. Still, nothing here compares to the astounding Mike’s from last night. Chalk it up to Sunday night, or Trey’s ankle.

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Sunday, 04/10/1994

Alumni Arena, SUNY Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

Set 1: Runaway Jim > It’s Ice, Sparkle > Split Open and Melt, Esther > Chalk Dust Torture, I Didn’t Know, Scent of a Mule, Down with Disease

Set 2: My Friend, My Friend > Ya Mar, Run Like an Antelope > Fluffhead, Ginseng Sullivan, I Wanna Be Like You > Hold Your Head Up, Harry Hood

Encore: Bouncing Around the Room, Golgi Apparatus

Notes: Trey sprained his ankle during the soundcheck and performed the majority of the show seated on a stool. The Esther intro contained a Simpsons signal. My Friend started with Trey on acoustic guitar and did not contain its usual “Myfe” ending, instead concluding with a Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart (Julee Cruise) jam with Trey changing “Rockin’ Back” to “Runnin’ Back.” Ginseng featured Fishman on washboard.

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Key tracks:


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